Sport Psychology - Coaching Therapy

Sport Psychology

Sport Psychology is the field that helps athletes – as well as all others who are performance oriented, such as performers, musicians, dancers, singers, and business executives – to perform at their best and according to their true potential.
It employs a variety of techniques and can help you reach your goals by working on mental skills development such as focus and concentration, arousal control, self-talk, self-confidence, relaxation etc., emotional control and balance – overcoming anxiety, anger, disappointment, injury etc. – , skills development such as goal-setting, time-management, communication skills, establishing pre-performance routines etc.

Performance enhancement

For an athlete, developing the mindset and mental skills is highly important in order to achieve the maximum performance, concentration, resilience to stress, as well as changing the way they perceive training, competitive environments, failure, success, adversity and numerous other factors that affect their effectiveness.

Sport Psychology applications are effective in cases where the person is required to perform highly and be resilient to stressors.
Artists, dancers, singers and performers, as well as business executives are some of those who can develop their skills for concentration, communication, change management, frustration and all these which stand between them and their exceptional self.

Athletes are called to reach their potential within a stressful context. Even before the moment of the competition, they have to train with discipline and consistency during their training season, or their training plan based on their goals.
In all these periods, it is not enough to train your body. Your mind needs training as well! We often hear athletes say things like “I got anxious and couldn’t perform”, or “I wasn’t focused” etc. Athletes need a variety of mental skills in order to make their training more effective and their competition performance to reach their true abilities.

A coach is required to work with and manage a number of athletes of different personality types and characteristics. His/her mission as apart from designing and implementing training programs one has a number of challenges to overcome and lead his/her athletes in order to love what they do, focus and commitment in training and finally, to victory.
On the other side, parents want to support their child to this sports effort, but they often lack the effective way to do it, resulting to additional pressure and stress on the athlete.
Apart from athletes, a sport psychologist can lead and counsel parents and coaches, so that they support effectively the athlete and contribute to practice sports with desire and love and unfold his/her potential to the maximum.

Working with a sport psychologist doesn’t mean that the athlete or business executive faces any issues. The athlete has his/her coach which helps him/her to develop the technique, endurance and tactics required in order to perform. The same way the athlete can have a nutritionist, a physiotherapist and other experts to guide him.
Following this line of thought, the Sport Psychologist is the coach who will help the athlete train the mental skills and develop the attitude that will help him achieve his/her goals.

What’s in it for you

Working together, will give you the opportunity to develop these mental skills and mindset that will help you reach your potential and achieve your goals. The skills we will work on are among others:

  • Focus & Concentration
  • Goalsetting & self-management
  • Self-confidence
  • Emotional balance and control
  • Stress managenet, Anger management, coping with frustrations
  • Coping with injury
  • Motivation
  • Arousal control
  • Effective communication (athlete/athlete, coach/athlete, feedback, parent/athlete)
  • Decision making
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